I went into her bedroom, under the guise of wanting to check the lighting situation. But that was a damned lie, a clever ruse to take a look, because a quick glimpse into that room had shown me one of my favorite things: a bookshelf. A good bookshelf is like a psychic impression of its owner, doesn’t give you all the answers, but you get a solid feel for the person. And this time was no exception. I found the root of her Flickr handle, several books on her current artistic focus, several books you’d only find in a college graduate’s room, and a handsome selection of dvds that let me know my particular brand of humor wouldn’t go unappreciated.

It’s a cheat, really, looking at someone’s bookshelf, a shortcut to discussion and a way to bypass time-consuming questions. Do you like The Simpsons? Do you find certain disabilities funny?

Look at their bookshelf. If it doesn’t tell you any of what you’d like to know, perhaps they aren’t “readers.” And eight out of ten times, that means walk out the door, complaining of stomach pains. And never go back.

Jessica Reads Books, and Books are Good – photo & word by Louciano Noble II 


Recently, I like spending time on this page so much. This photographer is Luciano Noble II, and the place I found him was Flickr.

Never meet him in real life but I believe he’s the kind of person that people would like to spend time around with. Someone is humorous, worldly-wise, precise and stunning. His photos and stories help me to figure out all these things – who the he is, what does he think, how does he live his life as well as the way he treats to others. It means photo + words/ language using style = tells quite much about one person. So thank for the networking (especially the searching engine) which give a big hand to found out some interesting souls. The networking helps us grow understanding about people and human beings.

Just like the way you read my blog. Maybe we have never met each other, but I’m sure you can see a little of me (or a lot of me – it depends on your sixth sense) via my entries. The person who writing these lines to you is abnormal, moody, unapproachable, crazy and silly and etc. But this person is good also, who never intends to harm anyone, and still keep the dream of visiting the heaven right after the death. Yes, you can see these traits just through the writing. Because writing is not only words – separated words; writing really contains perspective, knowledge, culture, yet it tells so much about the personality.

And through the internet, we’ve got a new way of communication, a new way to develop our intuition – the ability to evaluate others from long distance. Sometimes, it brings impression as well as inspiration. Just like the way I see in Luciano Noble II.

To me, inspiration has the same meaning with interesting people. Because only interesting people can create interesting things and inspire you that much. Just like:

_ Kurt Cobain with his strange taste for music and life

_ all of my favorite authors: Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Erich M. Remarque… because of their strong sense for freedom, strength, unique and self-reliant.

_ Osho, Friderich Nietzsche for their wisdom, patience and generosity in sharing their knowledge to generations.

_ Michelle Featherstone and Joni Mitchell for their femininity and graceful music. Good music for the soul keeps our soul in healthy condition.

_ some one called Chris McCandless, died in 1992 because of starving in Alaska – for his determination to stay with his true self

Just because when I think of them, I remember:

_ how creative they are

_ how self-reliant they are

_ how sensitive they are

_ how beautiful soul they have

_ how pioneer they are

_ how unique they are

_ and so much more to list here: courage, strong, precise, positive…

And you know what? Inspiration is good; cause it good for the development of dignity – without distance, without time….