metalic j.

I don’t have anything to write about right now. I have just past an awful week: away from home and wasted time for going to a place that I don’t want to, and I was ill. All those things help me to realize that I cannot always control my life. There’s  always something or someone try to impact on you; and they’re really satisfy to do that. You can hate it, you can fight against it but the truth is: YOU CANNOT WIN.
So now I’m thinking about my situations. There’re really some problems that I have to solve immediately but I haven’t found out the solutions yet. People always tell me that I mustn’t give up, that I have to go to the end of the path and stuffs like that; but it’s too difficult to do so. It’s just because of keeping telling to yourself “DON’T GIVE UP!” is not enough; it cannot give you the strength to going on. I have read in a novel that: “Life is trying to beat you. The person who is beaten will get a deep wound in his life; and it will never gonna heal. But if it cannot beat you (it’s always someone who is very kind, honest or courage), it will try to kill you soon. And if you don’t belong to those kinds, then life still try to kill you slowly.”